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Benjamin Franklin PTO

Yearbook Information:

We are happy to announce that fundraising done throughout the school year allows the PTO to provide a FREE yearbook to all Ben Franklin students and staff.

Please help us create the yearbook by submitting photos of any school related events (Ex. First day of school, class parties, concerts, etc.) The deadline to turn in yearbook photos to the committee is yet to be determined, so stayed tuned. We want to include parent / teacher photos so it is very important to submit photos promptly after events.  

The key to a memorable yearbook is lots of photos. The school is very helpful and the yearbook staff photographs children at school throughout the year. We want to include your cute photos as well so please send them to [email protected]

Yearbook photos and questions can be sent to: 

Photo specifications and information

- File size should be at least 1 MB or 1,000 KB.

- Cameras (even point and shoots) photos are typically fine.

- Small file sizes tend to be an issue with camera phones. If you are sending phone photos, please select the actual or largest size file.